Sep 15, 2019

5 Reasons Why Guest Feedback is Crucial for Restaurants

Customer feedback is huge for pretty much any industry, it is no wonder Walmart and many other big retailers want us to fill out their surveys so desperately. The benefits of regularly requesting customer feedback are too many and too good to ignore and this is particularly true in the hospitality industry. If you own or manage a restaurant and are not convinced yet, here is a quick list of powerful pointers that hopefully will make you try us out:

1. What your guests really think about their experience will make you or break you… quick!

Have you ever been in a restaurant having a meal and wishing you could tell the owner a couple of honest truths about the food or the service? You know that he may not even be aware of the issues and if corrected, the place will be greatly improved. Because you don’t have a way to effectively communicate your important insights, you decide to stay quiet and never return.

On the other hand, if there was a quick and simple way to provide feedback, even anonymously if preferred, you would be passing on super valuable intelligence and feeling engaged and heard by the restaurant. Two totally different experiences and outcomes transformed by the power of a feedback system.

2. Avoid negative public reviews

This one is easy… Bad reviews are really bad for you. Private feedback allows guests vent away in a private manner so they don’t have to go public with their remarks. Plus, it gives you a chance as the business owner or manager to engage that unhappy guest and turn it into a happy one.

3. Attract more positive public reviews

Positive online reviews in sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, OpenTable and others are awesome! They are like word of mouth on steroids. Well, with Feedb, every time  a guest submits positive feedback, a public review on the sites you pick is encouraged by the system. The result? a lot more positive reviews in more sites, more often.

4. Monitor quality

Consistency is one of the keys to success in the restaurant business and as you know, keeping up with consistent quality is not an easy task. By having a guest feedback system in place like Feedb you can measure satisfaction overtime to accurately monitor the quality of your restaurant.

5. Build a marketing list to cultivate loyalty and referrals

Guests in your restaurant don’t give you their personal information when they pay because they don’t want to be bothered… they came to eat and relax! By using the voluntary action of providing feedback through a non-intrusive restaurant feedback system like Feedb, you are not only acquiring a valuable database with contact information, but also defining who are your happy campers, your not so happy campers and even your disgruntled ones. Feedb makes it very easy to create good looking offers and newsletters to stay in touch and promote more repeat visits and referrals.

Hopefully by now you are a believer 🙂 The good news is you don’t need to be. At Feedb, we are so confident your restaurant will experience this benefits with our system that we give you a completely free trial with no credit card needed and even ship you tabletop signs holders with a custom feedback design for your restaurant at zero charge, don’t even pay for shipping and handling!